Dr Jonica Newby is a TV presenter, producer, writer and director with 20 years of experience making quality factual television in the specialist science genre. She has twice won Australia’s most prestigious science journalism award, the Eureka Prize

Known for her strong journalism, on screen warmth, and flair for creative visuals, Dr Newby’s films encompass a surprisingly wide range of story and visual styles. From ob doc to experiential immersive to “event” TV to historical drama re-construction, she has conceived and directed them all. But common to all her work is a commitment to powerful emotional story telling.

Having made over 250 short and long form TV documentaries, she finds it hard to pick favourites, but some stand out. Cancer and Exercise (2016), inspired by Dr Newby’s experience with her partner’s cancer, helped transform the Australian medical profession’s cancer treatment protocols. Battery Powered Homes (2016) ushered in the new age of home batteries and has over 2 million You Tube views. The taboo breaking Female Sex Drive (2015) empowered women to discuss remedies for loss of sexual enjoyment.

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