In this magical, often funny and deeply moving personal story, award winning science reporter Jonica Newby explores how to navigate the emotional turmoil of climate change.

After researching what global warming will do to the snow country she loves, Newby plummeted into state of profound climate grief. And if she was struggling she wondered, how was everyone else coping? What should parents tell their anxious kids? How might we all live our best lives under the weight of this fearsome knowledge?

Inspired by the epic fantasies she loved as a child, she embarked on a grand quest for answers. But then reality outstripped imagination as her family was swept up in the apocalyptic 2019 – 20 fires.
Featuring meditations on love, humour and acceptance, illuminating conversations with singer-songwriter Missy Higgins, and comedians Charlie Pickering and Craig Reucassel, the wisdom of business leader Mike Cannon-Brookes, practical advice from psychological and scientific experts, incredible accounts from everyday heroes plus inspiring stories from the climate strike kids, Beyond Climate Grief provides guidance and emotional sustenance to help us face the uncertainties ahead.

It reminds us of the love, beauty and the wonder in the world, even amidst disaster. And how we all have a touch of epic hero inside.

How do we talk about things we can’t bear to think of? Jonica Newby finds a way with warmth, honesty and stunning writing.

An extraordinary book.

Charlie Pickering

Brilliantly researched, intensely personal and raw, this is the book we all need right now.

Jane Caro

Richard Glover ABC Radio Sydney Interview

Richard Glover from ABC radio Sydney recently interviewed Jonica Newby about her new book Beyond climate change. There were many laughs, some tears but mostly some incredible conversation. Jonica talks about some of the stories which feature in the new book including the moment she found her long term partner Robyn Williams unconscious and without a heartbeat, and her own realisation and ultimate journey through climate grief.

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